The Word Hub

The Word Hub is primarily an online equipping center that promotes thought provoking and spirit sharpening teachings on everyday situations, providing answers from the word of God. Perhaps, you’re tired of dead religion and a belief system that only concerns itself with external rules and regulations.

Not only is God concerned with the condition of our heart and inward transformation, but He also wants us to walk with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. This blog┬ácapitalizes on the advantages of the internet and uses it to promote a message of edification, exhortation, and comfort. Not only will you be provoked to grow in character, but you will also be encouraged to walk in such a way, that signs, wonders, and miracles follow you (Mark 16).

The Word Hub is committed to using social media and the word of God to build an online family and community of believers who are committed to walking out their God-given purpose. While many people are burnt out on the traditions of men, religion, and church as usual; The Word Hub is committed to connecting with those who have a hunger to experience authentic moves of the Spirit. This ministry will serve as an equipping center for those who are serious about walking in their God-given purpose (Eph 4:11,12)

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