Broken Cisterns

Jeremiah 2:13 “For my people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, And dug for themselves cisterns — broken cisterns that can hold no water.”

The Lord had given Jeremiah a prophetic word for house of Judah. Not only did the people of God forsake God, but they attempted to replace God. They began to look for spiritual nourishment in places and things that could not nourish. God likens Himself to a fountain of living water. He is the Living Water that quenches the thirsty soul. The people of God were looking for fulfillment in all of the wrong places. Imagine being in the middle of a desert, it’s over 100 degrees, you’re thirsty and there is one source available that you could drink from. Instead of drinking from the source, you attempt to create your own source. You dig in places that aren’t built for digging, thus you partake in activities that aren’t conducive to satisfying your need. Most would agree that it would be foolish to reject the perfectly good water that’s already available to you. This is what the Israelites were doing spiritually. They had turned their backs on God and began to look for sustenance apart from God.

I think that we can have the tendency to do the same thing. When we find ourselves in the heat of a stressful situation, we look to natural means, we begin to dig the well of self-help and self-effort, in hopes that our natural efforts can comfort and give rest to our weary soul. We tend to neglect going to the only one who is capable of nurturing, feeding, and tending to a hungry and thirsty soul. Often times we look to relationships to satisfy areas within us that only God can satisfy. We fill our time with activities, friendships, and hobbies that ultimately starve our identity and thwart our destiny. I believe we all have a part of us that ONLY God can satisfy. No matter how much we try to look to the world to quench this desire, we will always come up empty because it’s a place that is specifically designed for God to fill. The Lord knows the motives and intent of our heart. He knows if we have been neglecting Him and while we may try to convince others that everything is ok, the Lord knows all, sees all, and hears all. Like my brother David says, “We are under constant surveillance.”

It’s time that we begin to get real about our relationship with the Lord and stop trying to convince others that it’s one way when in reality, it’s not. Church people are good at hiding the truth about their life. They’re good at putting masks on. This is something that has to be dealt with in the privacy of your prayer life. Only the Lord can build within you the hunger and desire to pursue Him with your entire being. Only the Lord can fulfill that void of loneliness. Regardless of the things you fill your life with apart from God, we will forever be cursed with the void of loneliness until we get with the ONE who fills empty spaces. Reverse the curse and draw from the ONE that promises to never leave you or forsake you. Draw from the One that promises to still your soul. Drink from the fountain of Living Water and trash the cisterns of postmodern thinking and empty philosophy.

There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ. This message is not designed to condemn anyone or to stir up feelings of guilt and shame. The purpose of this post is to cause us to examine the cisterns and areas within our lives where we may have attempted to replace God, renounce those things, and begin again to draw from the fountain of Living Water. God bless.

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