Divine Acceleration


 Increase comes at the point of maximized pressure. I’ll say it again. Increase comes at the point where the pressure in your life is maximized. It’s not until you fight through that pressure and resistance, and push back against that thing that you’ll begin to see increase in your life. You know, the thing in your life that sometimes takes you to a place of perpetual frustration. The Lord was speaking to me while I was taking a leisure run this morning. Well, the pace I was going would be leisure for many but it was actually a stretch for me. As I was running, I began to feel tired and there was something in me that wanted to quit. There was something in me that wanted to take a break and I heard these words in my spirit. “Your increase and strength comes at the point where you begin to push. That’s how you level up in the spirit. You push back against that which is opposing you.” God loves you and when you walk with or run with God, He says you will find NEW strength. You will soar high on wings like eagles. You will run and not grow weary. You will walk and not faint (Isa 40:31). Soaring high on wings like eagles speaks to the Lord providing to you the strength and courage needed to overcome life’s obstacles.

Often times we say we trust the Lord with our mouth, but our actions, attitude, and language deny the trust we proclaim we have. We speak the language of worry, doubt, and unbelief while at the same time telling others that we trust Him. Trust is not a matter of empty confession. It’s a heart belief that overflows and overtakes your soul to the extent that regardless of what something seems to be on the outside, we stand confidently on the word of the Lord…because we are people of faith and we are not moved by what a situation appears to be. I hear the Lord saying for many of you “divine acceleration.” The hand of the Lord is upon you to do great exploits and as you put your hand to the plow, he’s going to super exceed the rate at which you think it will take to accomplish a thing. Just as the hand of the Lord was upon Elijah and he, through the power of God, was able to outrun Ahab’s chariot, the Lord will in like manner do it for you in the sphere He has called you to. You’re going to outshine and outperform the rest because when you involve the Spirit of God into your affairs or better yet, when you participate and cooperate with the affairs of God for your life, He multiplies and increases you in ways that causes others to marvel.

Father in Jesus name, I thank you for the divine acceleration that’s upon body of Christ. Thank you for your dealings in our lives and thank you for causing everything to work together for our benefit. Thank you for your faithfulness to perform that which you have promised. Help us to be patient and not rush the process. Help us to accept and get in alignment with your timing. Thank you for the creative ideas and witty inventions you are placing within your people and I ask that you cause Your kingdom to manifest right here and right now. Help us to see in and walk in the Spirit and we thank you that it’s done, because you lead and guide us into all truth. Thank you for the leadership of Holy Spirit in our lives and the authority that you have given us as children of God. I break the cycles of complacency and compromise off of your people and loose the fire of your Spirit to be ever so active and effective in the lives of your children. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. EJ Brown says:


  2. What a powerful, relevant Word given for such a time as this! Thank you for sharing the heart of God through this blog. It has blessed me indeed! May the Spirit of Truth continue to lead and guide you in every area of your life!! What a blessing you are to the Body of Christ!

    • KJ Henderson says:

      Wow. You already know what it is. I thank God for the influence and fire you are to the body of Christ and this world. Love you!

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