The Power of Authenticity

As I was in prayer this morning, The Lord begin to speak to me about the mindset that says “fake it til’ you make it.” In a culture that believes and identifies more with its’ humanity than its’ divinity, it makes no sense why many hold to this ideology. In a culture that wants to experience authenticity and realness, it doesn’t make sense why so many buy into the idea of faking it until you make it. I think it’s because people don’t actually think about what they think about. We have lost sight of the art of critical thinking. We don’t like being challenged because sometimes, there is a certain pride we can have when someone brings a word of enlightenment. It boils down to the fact that some people really don’t want to hear truth. There is a level of accountability that comes with understanding. If we begin to think about what we think about and actually process and vet some of the ideologies we hold, we’ll discover that we’ve been aligning ourselves with falsehood. I think one of the biggest issues in society is that we aren’t real about who we are and where we are. We want others to think we have arrived when the reality is we haven’t even left. Some of us aren’t even on our way but because we are insecure about our situation and the grace we have been given, we pretend to be who we are not. One thing I always encourage is realness. I know, I know. This isn’t some DEEP revelation but it’s something that needs to be said. Be real about who you are and what God has called YOU to do. Your assignment may not look like someone else’s but that doesn’t make it any less significant. When it comes to the kingdom of God, all that matters in the end is did you do what the Lord called YOU to do. Don’t get caught up in the “celebrity” of someone else’s success that you miss the significance of your own. God has given you a grace to be YOU. The good news is there can NEVER be another you. So get in tune with the ways that God has graced you to flow and grow in those assets. Break free from the ministry of comparison. Don’t look at where others are and feel bad about where you’re not. I’m not saying we can’t be inspired by the success of others because you absolutely can and you should. But I’m saying don’t allow other’s successes to cause you to move into a cycle of guilt, shame, condemnation, and regret. God has anointed YOU to be YOU. He has need of your originality in His kingdom. The sooner you’re able to be content with your lot in life, the sooner you’ll begin to walk worthy in the thing the Lord has called you to. Your effectiveness is rooted in your realness. Your effectiveness is rooted in your authenticity. It’s rooted in your ability to be YOU, and by you, I mean the YOU God has purposed and created you to be. The regenerated and redeemed you.

Father, thank your for your dealings in our lives. Thank you for the process of pruning, the process of character development, that causes our spirit-man to grow. Help us to embrace your correction in our lives and help us to see that it comes from a place of deep love. I ask that you continue to surround your people with those who authentically love you and want your best for their lives. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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