The Art of the Yield

The Lord has been dealing with me lately about the subject of arrest. We’re living in a time where everyone is committed to doing their own thing. Everyone is out for themselves and there is little to no acknowledgement of God in the equation. The Lord is calling His people to a place of arrest, a place of submission. Those who are hungry for the things of God will be conduits of the revival that will and is already sweeping this nation. Many of us go through so many things in life that we find it difficult to discover God’s plan for our life. But one of the most dangerous things an individual can do is operate outside of purpose. When you operate outside of purpose, not only are you a liability to your own life but you become a liability to the life of others. Many times we see unjust killings at the hands of men and women who operate outside of purpose. Whether you are a businessman, have a high paying executive job, work in the legal or medical field, law enforcement, etc; the most important thing you can do is be in tune with God’s purpose for your life. The word is clear in that if you seek God, you WILL find Him. And if you acknowledge Him, He will direct your path.

I was meditating on a few scriptures and shared this message on Facebook: “You’ll know you’re at a powerless church when they are concerned with how you look on the outside instead of who you are on the inside. They’ll be more concerned with you conforming to external religious traditions that have ZERO power in and of itself. While man looks at the outside, God is looking at the inside. Paul said the only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love. He told the Galatians that it’s not about conforming to the Jewish custom of circumcision. It’s about allowing God to circumcise your heart and transform you on the inside (Gal 5:6; 6:15). This is why many take issue with the church. Because ppl give great lip service and honor God with their lips but their heart is far from Him (Matt 15:8).”

The Lord wants us to draw near to him and and He wants to give us an intimacy and nearness that we have yet to experience. He doesn’t want us to be filled with vain philosophical ideas. He wants us to be filled with His Spirit. When you are filled with the Spirit, there will be no room for the storms of life to overcome you because you will have such an internal peace that it will cause you to command authority over the forces of darkness that come against your life. I’ll never forget the analogy my pops (O’Shay Smith) gave me. He talked about a beach ball. Have you ever tried to hold a beach ball under water? What happens when you let the beach ball go? It rises to the top. Why does it rise to the top? It’s because there is something on the inside that continually causes it to rise. Likewise, we have this treasure in earthen vessels, Holy Spirit within, that causes us to rise above every storm or circumstance in life. All we have to do is yield to the Spirit, slow down, take a break, take a step back, and allow the Lord to manifest His plans, intents, and purposes through us.

Prayer: Father, thank you for every reader. Thank you for the love that you have shown each and everyone of us through the God-man, Jesus Christ. I pray and ask that you would strengthen my brother and sister as they read this. Give them clarity in their assignments and alignments. I cancel every word curse that has been spoken over their lives and I call forth the will of God, Your perfect will to be done in their lives. Thank you that Your purposes will prevail and I praise you for the working of your MIGHTY hand in their lives. You said that if they draw near to you that you would draw near to them. So as they begin to yield their lives to the intensity of Your love and cultivate intimacy with you, I ask that you strengthen them in their innerman, that they may overcome every temptation that comes their way and walk in total victory. Amen

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you believe in Him…so that you may overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit (Rom 15:13).

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  1. EJ Brown says:

    Powerful bro! As always! keep yielding man! You are changing and uprooting a generation!

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